Standard Values of Ultrasonographic Fetal Biometry

Norio Shinozuka, Haruo Masuda, Hideyuki Kagawa, and Yuji Taketani
Department of Obstetrics and Gynecoogy, Faculty of Medicine, University of Tokyo
Jpn J Med Ultrasonics 23(12) 877-888,1996

The standard growth curves for assessment of fetal growth by ultrasound measurement were established based on the analysis of a large number of cases. Fetal weight (EFW) was estimated by applying these ultrasoound measurement paramemters : biparietal diameter (BPD), femur length (FL), product of antero-posterior trunk diameter and transverse trunk diameter (APTDxTTD), and abdominal circumference (AC). Each parameter that confirmed gestational age during early pregnancy and deliverey at full term on an appropriate for date was used. A total of 14159 measurements were taken from 3762 cases. Outlier data were excluded by probability analysis, and nominal distribution of the data at each gestational week was confirmed. To maka clinical application of the growth standard easier, we calculated regression formulas, that estimate mean value +- SD of each measurement as a function of gestational age, and gestational age as a function of measurement value. Our mathematical growth curve made it possible to assess fetal growth simply from the deviation of the measurement value form the mean. Use of the trendgram deviation value of each measurement should make the fetal growth pattern easier to use in clinical assessment, especially in cases of IUGR.
Keywords estimated fetal weight, fetal growth, growth curve, ultrasound measurement

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